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SimplyAgree Revolutionizes Transactional Deal Signing with Groundbreaking Mercury-Compliant Workflow

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December 19, 2023


SimplyAgree, the leading provider of innovative legal technology solutions for transactional deal teams, today announced a new feature that enables transactional deal teams to utilize signature packets to collect electronic signatures on deeds in a single, Mercury-compliant workflow. This new feature represents a significant leap forward in streamlining legal processes and is especially pertinent for UK law firms, as well as US-based law firms catering to UK-based clients.

With the introduction of this industry-first capability, SimplyAgree empowers legal professionals on both sides of the Atlantic to navigate the complexities of signing transactions with ease and efficiency. By incorporating a seamless and Mercury-compliant workflow into its platform, SimplyAgree streamlines the client signing experience while also enabling law firms to meet their delivery obligations under the Mercury standard.

Traditionally, the execution of deeds has been a cumbersome task relying on scanned signature packets and a detailed list of emailed instructions that is both confusing and inconvenient for clients. However, SimplyAgree's innovative solution eliminates these challenges by providing a user-friendly workflow to consolidate all necessary documents—both simple contracts and deeds—into a single, cohesive electronic signing process for the signer. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures compliance with the Mercury standard and increases client satisfaction with the closing experience.

"We're delighted to unveil our latest innovation for legal transactions which we believe will meaningfully enhance the signing process for UK transactions," said Sam Beutler, Chief Product Officer at SimplyAgree. "Our Mercury-compliant workflow has been carefully designed to meet the unique signing requirements for the execution of deeds in the UK, as well as US firms working with UK clients. We've collaborated closely with our partner firms in the UK to ensure our solution meets their internal Mercury standards, so legal practitioners and solicitors can concentrate on providing outstanding representation and closing transactions.”

Key benefits of SimplyAgree's new Mercury-compliant workflow include:

  • Improved Client Experience: By enabling clients, for the first time, to electronically sign deeds and simple contracts together in a single signing experience, legal professionals can offer clients a superior closing experience.
  • Compliance Assurance: SimplyAgree's solution adheres to the guidance set forth in R (on the application of Mercury Tax Group and another) v HMRC, enabling law firms to meet their signature delivery obligations with near certainty.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Legal teams can have their clients electronically sign both deeds and simple contracts in a single, seamless workflow, eliminating unnecessary delays and ensuring timely completion of deals.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Consolidating all documents into one signing process reduces the likelihood of errors prior to closing and generates a documented audit trail of Mercury compliance.

SimplyAgree's innovative Mercury-compliant workflow is poised to enhance the way transactional deal teams operate in the UK and set a new standard for blending efficiency and compliance in legal transactions.

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SimplyAgree is a signature and closing management tool for transactional attorneys that simplifies their closings, reduces write-offs, and delights their clients. Attorneys and their deal teams use SimplyAgree to create, revise, and review signature packets, collect and organize signatures, and deliver flawless closing sets on the day of closing.

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