SimplyAgree vs. Litera Transact

      Why law firms choose SimplyAgree over Litera Transact

          SimplyAgree is the solution that firms turn to for real adoption and immediate impact across all of their firm’s transactional practice groups.

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Ease of use and adoption

Focused workflow

                SimplyAgree meets attorneys where they are by providing a simple product focused on trusted workflows and closing processes.

Deal teams don't need extensive setup to see value in SimplyAgree. It's just a few minutes from document upload to deliverable work product.

Immediate value

                Everything we do—from design to customer support—helps attorneys get value from our tool on day one.

Our dedicated team of adoption and education specialists offer individual training sessions for every new user and can provide live transaction guidance for hands-on support during deal closings.

Single party

                We don’t push users to adopt SimplyAgree as a multi-party collaboration platform, which reduces friction.

SimplyAgree is built to be used intra-firm, so attorneys don’t have to use political capital to onboard opposing counsel or manage multi-firm permissions.

Flexibility to support any type of closing

Focus and customized

                SimplyAgree's tailored feature set leads to more transactions on the platform.

Our Am Law 100 customers average nearly 750 transactions per year—with an average of over 30 documents per transaction.

Modular options

                Different practice groups—not just the VC group—can use SimplyAgree to solve their specific pain points.

Users can choose to adopt only the specific features they need for their deals, such as signature packets, eSigning, document compilation and closing sets.

Seamless integrations

Integration assistance every step of the way

                SimplyAgree deeply integrates with your Document Management System (”DMS”), like iManage and NetDocuments. 

Documents can be pulled from your DMS to create signature packets and closing binders. Version syncing allows users to automatically confirm if a document has changed and pull the latest version into SimplyAgree. Finally, executed agreements and binders can be pushed back to the DMS for permanent storage.

Less eSigning management, more options

                Collect signatures using SimplyAgree’s native esignature service right out of the box for a seamless, intuitive client experience. Consolidate your closing management and esignature solutions for less vendor management overhead.

Alternatively, SimplyAgree seamlessly integrates with DocuSign for firms that are already DocuSign customers. 


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