Signature and closing management for transactional attorneys

Thousands of partners, associates, and paralegals use SimplyAgree every day to simplify closings, reduce write-offs, and delight their clients.

  • Create signature packets in minutes
  • Deliver executed agreements and closing binders on the day of closing
  • Seamless, intuitive closing experience
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A single and simple workflow for every closing function with SimplyAgree.

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Signature packets

Automate the signature packet creation, customization and collection process from front to back. Use the signature pages from your documents or let SimplyAgree create them. Gone are the long hours spent stitching together signature packets with PDF tools—you won’t believe you once built signature packets without it.

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Closing books

Your clients don’t want to wait weeks—or months—after closing to receive their closing books. SimplyAgree gives your deal teams the power to deliver closing books at closing. And more importantly, eliminate write downs for post-closing work on closing sets.

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Document compilation

The more complex the deal, the more chaotic it becomes to compile your documents with a PDF tool. Unlock the simplicity of document compilation with SimplyAgree. You might wonder how you once managed versions, signature pages and exhibits without it.

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Signature page creation

Some deals only have a few signers, but some have hundreds. When you face the daunting task of drafting all of those signature pages, let SimplyAgree do it for you. Our InstaPage tool will automatically build perfectly formatted signature pages inside of your document for every signer in seconds.

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Electronic signing

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional eSignature workflows and get the flexibility you need for your deals with SimplyAgree's fully-integrated eSigning workflow. The only solution designed specifically to streamline the signature packet process for complex legal transactions.

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Exhibit management

Transform the way you manage exhibits and schedules with SimplyAgree's intuitive interface, designed to eliminate the tedious process of traditional PDF tools when compiling and updating numerous exhibits across hundreds of documents.

Signature packets
Closing books
Document compilation
Signature page creation
Electronic signing
Exhibit management

Nearly 40% of the most active deal firms in the U.S. rely on the SimplyAgree platform.


Data according to VC, PE and M&A deal volume provided by PitchBook's 2022 Annual Global League Tables.

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