Closing Books

      Closing sets delivered…at closing.

          The final work product for deal teams must be detailed and professional, but your firm shouldn’t have to write off time to achieve that outcome. Surprise your clients with same day closing sets and don’t throw away another penny in the process. 

Build with complete precision in just minutes.

Dynamically indexed.

                Fully customize index format, styles and layout, with automated hyperlinks and PDF bookmarking.

Beautifully branded.

                Your firm’s brand is unique—SimplyAgree’s fully customizable cover pages gives your firm complete control.

Easily revisable.

                Changes happen. Adjust and rebuild your binders in seconds. Indices, bookmarks and hyperlinks update automatically.
"This is an amazing program that is going to make my life so much easier – the closing binders alone just blow my mind!"

Build perfect work product in moments.

The closing set is the final deliverable for your client. Our fully customizable and branded cover pages ensure a lasting impression that doesn’t make a lasting impact on your deal team’s time.

Closing binder cover page image

An index so easy to build and revise.

Build your custom index with the ease of drag and drop. Pick the numbering schema and let SimplyAgree do all the hard work. Index information flows through to hyperlinks, PDF bookmarks and document numbering—automatically.

Closing binder index image

Don’t write off another hour of post-closing work. We can help.