Document Compilation

      PDF building made quick and efficient.

          Say goodbye to sorting documents in folders on your desktop. Manage document versions, signature pages and exhibits in one place.

Real-time compilation from draft to closing set.

Smart versioning.

                Automatically update drafts to execution versions while keeping your signature pages and exhibits in tact. 

Integrated signature pages.

                Whether eSigned or handwritten, executed signature pages automatically compile in counterpart order.

Automated compilation.

                We keep track of your versions, signature page and exhibits, so you don’t have to.
"The time savings is on the back end—in the compilation process."

Time to actually track your exhibits.

PDF tools have you scrolling through hundreds of pages to compile exhibits. Now you can do it all in one simple layout, building complex Officer’s Certificates in seconds—and you can compile even before documents are final and watch it automatically update!

Exhibit compilation image

Manage signature pages in escrow.

Imagine if signatures being held in escrow were held within the document—that way, when it’s time to close, your compilation is already done. And in the meantime, you can see the signing status by document in real time. That’s the SimplyAgree way.

Signature page compilation image

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