Banking & Lending

      Flexibility to meet your clients’ rigorous standards. 

          In commercial finance transactions, every detail matters. SimplyAgree helps you manage deals for clients with rigorous closing requirements and easily compile documents for review ahead of closing, ensuring compliance and accuracy throughout the process. Our powerful platform streamlines the entire closing process, enabling you to deliver exceptional results to the financial institutions and borrowers you represent.

We get that working with financial institutions is different.

  • Precision of deliverables is paramount
  • Authentication standards are high
  • Compilation precedes closing
Image of a finance lawyer
"I just finished putting together a pretty large and complicated closing using SimplyAgree, and once again I am thankful to have the product. I literally would not have been able to get the deal done, on time, without it."

Mapped to your workflow

Signature packets for your clients.

                Our signature packet process is built with features specifically for your workflows. Generate complex borrower or lender packets across a multitude of participating entities. Then deliver the packet to your client in PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

Pre-closing compilation.

                When banks won’t close without final, fully compiled documents, don’t push back closing. Precompile all of your documents in SimplyAgree and distribute fully-compiled versions in a click. 

Handwritten signature support.

                When banks won’t accept eSignatures, SimplyAgree seamlessly supports handwritten signings. Don’t sacrifice efficiency to meet your clients’ signing requirements. 

Case study: Troutman Pepper

See how Am Law 100 law firm Troutman Pepper uses SimplyAgree to deliver on client experience.

Let’s explore a better way to deliver closing services to your financial clients.