Commercial Real Estate

      Meet the volume demands of your clients.

          The commercial real estate world moves fast, and you need tools that keep up. SimplyAgree’s flexible, powerful platform streamlines the closing process, automates repetitive tasks, and supports your unique requirements like notarization and recording so you can deliver an unmatched client experience that earns you a stellar reputation among your peers.

We listened to the edge cases that make your closings unique.

  • You multitask across numerous closings
  • Documents may need to be recorded
  • Notarization is often essential
  • Title agents play a role in your closings
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"I’ve been doing commercial real estate work for 25 years and closing binders and signature packets are the bane of our existence, so this is the best way ever to do both things. I find it very flexible!"

SimplyAgree is flexible for every closing.

Precise value for every deal.

                Every closing is different. When a title agent handles document compilation, you may just need to build a closing book—no problem. Use SimplyAgree just where you need it, whether it’s signature packets, document compilation or your closing sets.

Easily supports notarization worklows.

                In your practice, notarization is still very common, but it shouldn’t complicate closing. Let SimplyAgree separate signature packets by notarization requirements so your clients can sign without any surprises. 

Recorded documents shouldn’t slow you down.

                Don’t let the weeks it takes recorded documents to come back be the start of your clock for building the closing set. With SimplyAgree, you can build your closing set ahead of closing and simply drop in your recorded documents when they are ready for an immediate turnaround.

Case study: Troutman Pepper

See how Am Law 100 law firm Troutman Pepper uses SimplyAgree to deliver on client experience.

Time to get that stack of closing books off your desk and to your clients.