Mergers & Acquisitions

      When you put the client first, the closing is critical.

          In M&A, every deal is unprecedented. Your expertise is critical. And your closing processes are crafted by your experience. SimplyAgree’s flexible design means we seamlessly integrate to your proven processes, helping you deliver a best-in-class closing experience.

We started by understanding what matters to you, then we built a solution.

  • Your clients come first
  • Each deal is different
  • Time is of the essence
  • Every detail matters
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"With SimplyAgree, I’m solving the one problem I have, hundreds of times a year."

Why M&A practices choose SimplyAgree at closing:

Totally customizable packets and binders.

                Easily manage the pages in your packets, number of originals,
cover pages and more.

Individualizes the closing experiences.

                Built for each signer, entity or any combination your team needs.

Generates unlimited packets.

                Supporting you from five signers to five hundred.

Case study: Koley Jessen

Learn how Koley Jessen leaves a lasting impression on its M&A clients.

Give us your most complex deal and we’ll help deliver an exceptional closing.