Trusts & Estates

      Deliver work product that represents the quality of your services.

          Your clients trust you to handle their estate planning needs with care and attention to detail. SimplyAgree's estate planning binders make it easy to deliver a comprehensive record of your work, all in a single platform that saves you and your clients time.

We understand that your practice is driven by referrals.

  • Excellent client service is critical
  • Make the experience simple
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Win the next client
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"The binder was very helpful, very easy - I’ll never go back to binders not in SimplyAgree!"

Save clients money.

                When you can build estate planning binders in minutes, you save your clients money while delivering a better product. And your clients notice.

Solidify your reputation.

                SimplyAgree’s fully branded estate planning binders means your clients will never forget the advisors that supported their complex planning needs—and they’ll know where to send their peers.

Perfect work product.

                Take advantage of SimplyAgree’s perfect binder formatting to impress your clients. You get best in class practices out of the box, like built-in PDF bookmarks, formatted and hyperlinked indices and beautifully branded cover pages.

Case study: Koley Jessen

Learn how Koley Jessen leaves a lasting impression on its estate planning clients.

Let’s see what impressionable work product looks like.